Jun 282011

As both a Catholic and a geek it is a nice confluence to say “The pope today tweeted on his iPad.”

This is what the Pope tweeted:

And afterwards he demonstrated how  much he has mastered the game Cut the Rope.

Well actually he tweeted:

Yes the new Vatican News site News.va is up an running.

So what Twitter app on the iPad does the Pope use? It was the official twitter app simply called “Twitter for iPad.” I have several Twitter apps on the iPad, but this is the one I mostly use.

Though I do have some serious questions about papal tweeting. Now obviously the Vatican has multiple Twitter accounts one for each of the various languages such as news_va_en, news_va_it, news_va_es, news_va_fr. So which language did the Pope tweet in?

I must admit it is a serious oversight that there is no news_va_la twitter feed. Surely official tweets should first be done in Latin and then other tweets would be translated and based on that official tweet.

My other question is could the pope issue an infallible statement via twitter? I believe he could as long as the tweet included “We declare and define that ..,” and was clearly intending the tweet for the whole Church. A direct message with “we declare and define that” would not since it would be directed towards only one individual. 140 characters for an infallible definition is I believe doable.

  10 Responses to “Rome Tweet Rome”

  1. Hah! Good ones!

    I suppose any infallible statements would have “#infallible” for a hashtag? Or maybe #excathedra?

  2. Too funny. I think this hashtag should be added to the Hans Kung tweet: #anathemasit

  3. #RT and #Follow or get excommunicated .. #JustKidding

  4. Shouldn’t His Holiness use the Apostolic “We”?
    As in “We just launched…”

  5. Dear Friends, I have just eaten the most delightful sandwich! Benedictus XVI

    Dear friends, Father Georg keeps whistling Te Deum offkey @canonlaw what can I do? Benedictus XVI

  6. I don’t know much about Twitter or how to ‘tweet’ (except that it’s fairly ubiquitous out there), but the ‘unofficial Papal tweets’ are pretty funny! Especially the one about Hans Kung!

    Jeff, I miss seeing the really funny stuff you used to do early on in your blogging career!

  7. Getting down to business, I’d like to see him tweet some pithy quotes, sound bytes from encyclicals and his other writings for people who never read them. He has some real gems in there.

  8. All I can think is that St. Paul would have had so much fun with the internet.

  9. This is quite funny and cool. I bet he’s got tons of followers!

  10. Oh, I want to like this for my facebook page, how come I cannot do that? Very, very funny, including the Greek Captcha!

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