Oct 012010

Sometimes you hear about the ulterior motives of some parts of the “Green” movement and that it is really anti-human. Philosophies like Deep Ecology start by placing humans at an equal level of other parts of the ecology and end in dehumanization and worship of the environment.

This underlying theme has never been more apparent than a video created for the 10:10 campaign concerning climate change and reducing your carbon footprint by ten percent. The video is so violent and sick that after an outcry the people behind this campaign are now trying to get the video taken down.

You can see the ad here.

You just have to wonder about the mindset of a group that created the video to support the cause. That they actually thought this would be a persuasive video is stunning, It seemed more like wish fulfillment than anything. Disagree with us and you will blow-up violently.

  6 Responses to “No pressure”

  1. This video doesn’t surprize me (disgust is another matter). Remember these are the same people that see killing unborn babies as OK & a huge part of saving the environment. This just takes their mindset to its logical conclusion.

  2. This is the logical of for “deep” ecology.

  3. They issued the standared “we apologize if anyone was offended” non-apology.

  4. Forgive the self blog promotion, I wouldn’t, normally but honestly this post of mine is on mark – well, you know, I think so.

  5. That is, “We are sorry you were too stupid to get the joke.”

  6. The EnvironMENTAL movement is part of the culture of death. They hate kids.

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