Apr 162018

As a pessimistic-optimist I was pretty skeptical about the Christ Renews His Parish Men’s Retreat. Thought it would be rather gimmicky team building.

Glad I was wrong. The witnessing by people telling their life stories was pretty powerful and the camaraderie was excellent. Pretty much impressed by this 36 hour retreat.

The range in ages of people there really ran the gamut. From 17 on up. Regardless of age it was men trying to take the next step in their faith lives. Just super impressed by the people I met.

I’m the type of introvert that does fine in group settings – especially as the class clown or jester in my case.

I mainly went to this retreat since I am trying to step out of my self-imposed isolation. Mostly I am fine just sitting at home reading. I keep myself amused. Not exactly the recipe for stepping out with the Gospel acclamation. So becoming active in my parish beyond attending Mass was my goal. I knew I needed community life because keeping to myself I have a fool as a companion.

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  1. “I knew I needed community life because keeping to myself I have a fool as a companion.”

    I’ve heard that if you defend yourself in court you’ve got a client for a fool but…

    I hear YA! Don’t worry about “IT” Victor… sinner vic knows what I’m talking about.


    God Bless

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