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A performance of the play SOCRATES MEETS JESUS by Kevin O’Brien, based on the book by Peter Kreeft, at the American Chesterton Society Conference in Worcester, MA on August 2, 2013

This is generally really good. I especially loved the wrap-up which puts a lot of things into context.

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  1. Jeff! It’s been awhile since I’ve paid you a visit and left a comment. Before I start, my ego wants to say that there’s nothing that ignorance can teach us (usual sinners) “I” mean us gods because about fifty five years or so ago “I” was placed into an occupational two year high school course and long story short… After the third year “I” was determined to leave school and find a job before I finished that third year and “I” did.

    Let’s just say that “I” believe that the gods have been on my side since the beginning of my youth and many miracles have taken place and at this time I give credit to GOD (Good Old Dad) for “IT” all…

    Enough about me! I never thought that i would enjoy listening to ‘SOCRATES MEETS JESUS’ done in 2013 but i truly enjoyed listening to the entire post.

    I’ll close by saying that I’ve got plenty to learn until me, myself and i get to grade “ONE” with God’s Angels. In the mean time and as you know time can often be pretty mean.

    Anyway I’ll paste a site Published on Feb 11, 2013 that I also enjoyed listening to which is below but that does not necessarily mean that i enjoyed all the comments.

    Until next time.

    God Bless you and yours

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