Jul 242017

15 years ago to day I started blogging with this post.

For the first six months my blog was named “Atheist to a Theist” and was hosted on what was blogspot.com at the time. After that I bought the domain <www.splendoroftruth.com> and have been blogging under the The Curt Jester ever since.

So a substantial bit of time since I became Catholic in 1999 has been involved in blogging, tweeting (10 years), and other social media. As somewhat of an introvert writing about the faith was a way to express the joy in me and of course to inflict terrible puns on others. For me blogging was a way to react to events and to think about my faith. Writing doesn’t come easily for me, but it forces me to try not to respond in a knee-jerk reaction and to put some thought behind those reactions.

Over the last 15 years this blog has changed in emphasis. I use to post on political topics frequently. When my wife was diagnosed with cancer at the end of 2013 I spent less time time blogging. After her death in January it has only slowly increased since then. Being detached from blogging though has been good for me. I now blog when I want to and hardly give a thought to readership and how many “hits” my blog got. I use to give a lot of attention to my site meter, now hardly any attention at all.

We never know our future with any certainty and so how long this blog will be around is not certain. Still this has been a useful platform for me to think out loud. Plus of course there are always puns and parodies in my mind escaping to get out. The Jester in me needs an audience.

Plus the friendships and opportunities that developed from blogging has been a great blessing to me. Finding that I helped a few people along the way has also been humbling.

  5 Responses to “15 Year Blog Anniversary”

  1. Your blog is Wonderful! Thank you

  2. Congratulations on the anniversary! I’m not much of a regular around here, but I do enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for everything!

  3. Jeff, Did YA ever here, “I” mean hear of the two persons who came into a bar followed by another invisible person. Anyway the two visible both sat down and the bartender eventually came and asked the first to come in, “What would YA like? A reply came saying, “Just give me a class of H2O”. The bartender asked the second person… And what would you like? The person replied, “I’ll have the same thing he’s having. Long story short, after finishing their drinks, the second person died.


    Keep Up the good works and words in this world and never forget that YAR never alone.

  4. Congratulations on the anniversary! I still enjoy reading whatever you feel like writing here. It wouldn’t feel like the same blogosphere without The Curt Jester. 🙂

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