Feb 222017

People are having fun mocking the WaPo’s new slogan “Democracy Dies in Darkness”, as if they knew anything about light. Good thing we live in a Republic.

This is how they ended their article when Norma McCorvey died.

“I don’t require that much in my life,” Ms. McCorvey told the Times in 1994. “. . . I just never had the privilege to go into an abortion clinic, lay down and have an abortion. That’s the only thing I never had.”

Hardly any mention in the article regarding here last 20 years working in the pro-life movement with a commitment that never wavered. Mention is made of her conversion under evangelical minister Flip Benham, but nothing regarding her becoming Catholic. Her disillusionment with the abortion cause was partly due to how she saw the various clinics she worked in how they treated women.

That the article ending with the above quote says everything about the Washington Post where narrative thrives in the darkness.

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  1. Incidentally, a republic is actually a type of democracy. It’s an indirect democracy, in which the people govern by proxy (a safeguard against the “two wolves and a chicken deciding what to have for lunch” problem), but it’s still a form of rule by the people.

    I actually agree with their slogan: Democracy (of any kind) does require that the people be well-informed. Now if only they’d actually give us good information instead of spreading more darkness, we’d be getting somewhere.

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