Aug 052014

So who is the geekiest Catholic Apologist? No doubt it is Catholic Answer’s Jimmy Akin who has just released a new blog Let’s Watch Doctor Who! subtitled “Reviewing every Doctor Who TV story … from the beginning!

Now I just love cheesy SF and this creates a good excuse to watch the series from the start. Besides I have exhausted all the episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 available for streaming on Netflix. Fortunately most of the episodes of Dr. Who are available for streaming on Netflix, except part of the first season. Although I ordered the DVDs of it and now have it for viewing.

In one of those strange coincidences I happened to see this image for the first time today.

William Hartnell was the first Dr. Who and of course St. John Vianney’s feast day was yesterday.

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  1. There are no such things as coincidences.
    So what do we make of this? Very weird.
    Oh my.

  2. Awesome insight, Jeff! That makes it a perfect time to launch this blog!

  3. ((( In one of those strange coincidences I happened to see this image for the first time today.)))

    Jeff, You and Jimmy know and also most likely believe that GOD (Good Old Dad) works in Mysterious Ways but the only thing is that we don’t truly know for sure is when does HE really do “IT” and can our heart of heart be quaranteed that our brain cells are right to believe that He is “The ONE” at work when some strange things do happen?

    Long story short, I will share only one event of many mysterous happening that “I” have probably not written about yet and I’M sure “I” can’t prove any of “IT” although all of my so called 95% reality body cells of sinner vic and our five per sent age spiritual “Jesus Cells” would not dare to call US (usual sinners) liars and/or fools. lol

    Jeff! You being an Engineer and always wanting to know more and more, most likely probably have heard from my good Bishop and without going on a tangent, you may have even spoken to a spychologist that I last spoke to about three years or so ago. To be honest, after me and some of my Senior physical body cells doctor agreed that I should see a mental doctor who could determine that I’m not of any treat to myself and/or any other human in society… Longer story short, “I” was very hard on this doctor during my first visit who will remain nameless and on my second visit, rightly so I apologized for my behavior during my first visit and longer story shorter, he said that he had been reading some of the material that I had written and said that I didn’t need to apologize. I like to think that like me he believed that even steel can bend and sometime brake when not welded properly if YA get my drift and that’s probably why he said that I really did not need to see him again?

    Jeff! The true story that I was about to tell you and your readers is of my older brother who took his life and I saw him on three occasions after he died looking his best at the same church. Anyway, I was not dreaming and told this man about my brother and how he looks just like him. I now keep seeing him every now and then at church when he’s passing out the wine in the flesh and through his eyes and should I say his soul seem to quietly say that it’s me brother Victor but he’s now lost his curly hair so that maybe my faith don’t create a manic in the real world. LOL 🙂

    On second though, Jeff, I better not tell the story cause “IT” might just not be GOD’s Plan that I do so at this time cause remember that GOD’s Angels were created a LOT more powerful than any Doctor Who and their spiritual brain cells could ever accept in this SF world these days and might lead a lot of US (usual sinners) in the wrong direction. Right?

    I hear YA! Do you think that we human animals are at the mercy of GOD (Good Old Dad) and His Only Begotten Son who is the true King of GOD’s True Angels. What’s that you say? There’s are all types of invisible angels species with no body to love who would settle nowadays to simply being simple Queen Bees and/or their helpful parasites?

    Go Figure brothers and sisters in Christ these days?

    God Bless


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