Jul 142014

Elizabeth Ficocelli is a talented writer and one of her recent books is no exception. Therese, Faustina and Bernadette: Three Saints Who Challenged My Faith, Gave Me Hope, and Taught Me How to Love

These are three saints I knew a good amount about and so biography-wise I did not expect to learn much from this book. If this was all this book was about then it would have just been an nice introduction to these three saints. Where this book shines is where the author describes how she has incorporated these saints in her daily life. She describes how these saints became important to her during various stages in life as both examples and intercessors.

The book starts off with Elizabeth Ficocelli telling a bit of her conversion story and her entry into the professional world with an advertising firm. The initial excitement and the difficulties and then the series of events leading her to a deeper conversion. Throughout the book the waypoints on the path to holiness is illustrated with the struggles and how specifically these three saints helped her out.

I found the book to be obviously aimed at the women’s market, yet I enjoyed it thoroughly. The examples she gives in the book are nothing abstract, but something we can all find in the struggles in our life regarding how to fully live the faith. Very worthwhile.

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  1. Thanks for this review. Just shared it in social media.

    I read Colleen Carroll Campbell’s book, “My Sisters the Saints.” Likewise, Dawn Eden also used this kind of testimony in her book, “My Peace I Give You.” I like reading how others were helped by the saints lives.

    Also, I’m glad you noted that despite its appeal to women, you enjoyed it. I encouraged priests to read Campbell’s books so they are aware of how she navigated things life can throw at you. She, like many at first, couldn’t relate to Therese. But as the book develops, her understanding blossoms like a flower (yes, I meant to put it that way).

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