Jun 132013

Nice to see some good news in regards to the Supreme Court for a change.

The Supreme Court unanimously ruled Thursday that human genes cannot be patented.

Besides I think God could prove “prior art”.

For details see the story by Rebecca Taylor over at Creative Minority Report.

  3 Responses to “Some good news for a change”

  1. I wonder if the test for the BRCA genes will go from being thousands to hundreds.

  2. Dollars, that is.

    Man, I have to be careful posting when I’m tired…

  3. (((Prior art must be available in some way to the public, and in many countries, the information needs to be recorded in a fixed form somehow.)))

    Have “IT” your way U men, “I” mean humans! So be “IT” for now but don’t be thinking that we gods of the almighty cells will stand by and do nothing while mother nature tries to free her 12 stubborn spiritual children in reality now and…..

    End YA say sinner vic?

    Go Figure brothers and sisters. 🙂



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