Apr 012013

I would like to give a warm welcome home to Lyn Mettler at A Catholic Newbie who came into the Church during the Easter Vigil. Her blog details her journey from nonbeliever to convert.

Also a warm welcome to all others who came into the Church during the Easter Vigil.

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  1. (((I’m officially Catholic!

    Hooray! It’s official… Now off to bed)))

    I love “IT” Jeff! I have not read your other comments yet cause this world is moving WAY too fast for me and that’s without speaking for my other two trinities of me and me…(lol)

    Anyway thanks to every bodies prayers, we had a great Easter and before getting off topic again, I must say that our Saturday Easter Vigil at church lasted about 3 hours and long story short we also had many new comers also who did join our Catholic church and at this time me, myself and i seem to like the process although “IT” has been shorten somewhat for good followers of Christ who want to join U>S (usual sinners) with a sincere heart.

    I hear YA Victor! They better be sin cere, I mean sincere otherwise the hulk might get UP SET like he did when your God son got confirmed last year which could mean the death of YA! Right NOW?

    Be nice sinner vic! Don’t be like that NOW!


    Go Figure! 🙂


  2. Thanks so much for your warm welcome into the church! I am so pleased to have it be official, as I’ve been so looking forward to this moment for over a year now. And thank you for recommending my blog. I hope your readers find something helpful to them there.

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