Jan 042013

I had almost forgot about. Somewhere around two years ago Matthew Warner asked me to send in a video question for his “Ask Fr. Barron” series.

So I tried to ask a somewhat intelligent question and of course got back a very cogent answer.

One nice thing about seeing this video other than the total Catholic geek-out of having Fr. Barron respond, is that since I made that video I have lost over 60 pounds and have kept that weight off after over a year.

So while I am still what Mark Shea would call a “Jolly”, here is a more recent picture of me.

The Curt Jester
The Curt Jester

Matthew Warner’s blog Fallible Blogma

  One Response to “Where Fr. Barron answers a question I asked”

  1. I’ll put aside that Mark Shea might have called ya a “Jolly”, and also your recent picture of yourself to simply ask if you’ve ever thought of asking Fr. Barron whether he’s ever thought of himself as ever becoming our next Papa?

    Just asking if you’ve ever thought of asking him that question for “Ask Fr. Barron” series.

    For the little that I’ve heard so far, he really has my attention and I’m just wondering if you shouldn’t ask your readers for other such questions for this “MAN”? 🙂

    Happy New Year


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