Dec 282012

Well it has been a while since I did my last blog redesign. Even when my blog moved from using Movable Type to WordPress a couple of years ago the style staid pretty much the same.

Though I had come to realize that my blog might have looked alright some years ago, it was really quite busy image wise and not that quick to load. In the past I also had minimum support for mobile platforms.

So I decided to do away with the three column format and go with the main area plus one other column. This also gives me a little bit more room since at times I was a little cramped at 500 pixels wide.

I was also admiring the clean looks of some other Catholic blogs that I like. Though I noticed that in almost all cases these blogs were professionally designed. While I have all the pretensions of a designer, I just don’t have the talent to match and so this effort surely reflects that.

My long time image of Blessed Miquel Pro has been moved to my about page since I certainly still need my blog patron.

So if you like the new design or at least are neutral about it let me know. Otherwise do you really want to ruin my Christmastide by telling me that my efforts sucked? Constructive criticism will be appreciated.

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  1. I miss the roller blading nuns, but the wider column and white background do make reading easier. Merry Christmas Jeff!

  2. I like!
    Could use more images at the very top.
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from “all of us” at Two Catholic Men & a Blog

  3. Finally! The Greek captcha is gone! I could never type those letters in correctly!

    I like the new look, Jeff. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  4. Likin’ it, Jeff!

  5. Much easier reading, but miss the whimsical stuff……it’ll take some getting used to, but you are still my first stop to catch up for the day! God Bless!

  6. I like the new design! The only niggles I have are the two boxes at the top of the page “Latest Posts” and “Pinboard”. I think putting the images in with the blog titles makes the Latest Posts box too big and both boxes should be of fixed height… and the same height. But that’s just me and my weird symmetry fetish. 🙂 I have the same problem with my blogs… too much stuff at the top before the posts begin. Maybe it would become a problem if I actually posted more… which I’m trying to do. 🙂

    Also, I didn’t see Blessed Pro’s name mentioned in the blurb underneath his picture! We need to know who he is!

    Anyway, that’s my nano-scale 2 cents. But really, I like it! Very clean, easy to read and navigate.

    The Pinboard block is a really good idea! I might steal it and automate my link lists using Pinboard.

    And maybe, for those in the comments who mentioned missing some of the funny pictures: the nuns, the Pope in shades, etc… maybe you could create rotating title banners for your blog. Each time a page is loaded a different, random banner with the “The Curt Jester” and “Punditry, Prayer, Parody…” but a different image gets loaded. Of course, that means you have to create them. More work. *sigh* 🙂

    By the way, there are some sites, like The Theme Foundry that has some very nice themes for sale that aren’t too expensive (a relative term, I know). I used them for my themes at Small But Disorganized and McCuneWare (not to plug or anything… I need to blog more, anyway) when it was WordPress and hacked it up to continue using it when I switched to using Jekyll.

    Anyhow… I’m done now. Great blog! Great redesign! Merry Christmas! Have a great and blessed 2013!

    • Sean, thanks!

      Okay I flattened out my boxes at the top so they are the same height and took out the icon.

      I am also planning to implement rotating banners as I had previously done to cycle some of those photos I have with the logo.

      Plus fixed the missing name for Blessed Miquel Pro. I have a macbook pro where the Computer name is “Blessed Miquel Mac Pro”

  7. I like it in general–you’re right, a “cleaner look”–but I think you can do more with the header. And I trust you will. 🙂

  8. As someone who’s been working on a blog redesign all weekend, to no avail, I think you did a good job! I got my design from a site called ElegantThemes — you pay a flat fee (less than $50) and you can use any or all of their pre-designed themes. In case you want to give it another go sometime. (I know one huge Catholic blog that uses a theme from that site… because I used the same theme for a while). What I need is pretty specific and none of it QUITE works, but they have some really nice looking themes for a simple blog like this one.

    I miss the Greek captcha!

  9. I think that the new design looks nice, but I miss some of the old images, especially the waving Pope Benedict and the “Hacker Safe – Protected by Nuns.”

    • Now I see that you have added some of the old pictures in a slideshow format in a widget in the sidebar. Thanks! I love it!

  10. I like the neater look, but I have to admit I miss the Holy Father continuously waving. I always admired how he could do that without getting tired!

  11. Jeff, the new design is really nice. I agree with your critique of the old design – way too busy. Of course, no matter what the heck it looks like, I would read it for your great content. Merry Christmas and blessings for the new year!

  12. It’s a cleaner and pretty look and far better than I could’ve done, but I feel a bit misty-eyed over the missing Greek captchas. Plus I don’t think the boxes add too much (but then I’m not likely to use those links soo…).

  13. Looks GREAT!! Really like the post line-up on the top.

    Christmas season blessings to you and yours!

  14. I’m really behind on my Google Reader feed but the blog looks great! Hope it wasn’t too difficult. I miss the Greek captchas too though…

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