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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – A church that has offered blended Roman Catholic and Episcopal services for three decades has been told by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Richmond to meet in separate rooms for Holy Communion.

Clergy at the Church of the Holy Apostles were told to devise a plan that allows parishioners to remain under the same roof but worship separately. The plan is subject to approval by Roman Catholic Bishop Francis X. DiLorenzo and Bishop Herman Hollerith of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia.

Parishioners told the Virginian-Pilot ( the blended church has allowed families in mixed marriages to worship side by side and strengthen their community.

The Rev. Michael Ferguon, the parish’s Episcopal leader, said representatives of the Catholic diocese were supportive of the ecumenical congregation at a meeting this week but were firm on some degree of separation of worship. For instance, the use of a combined liturgy in which the priests move to separate altars in the same room was deemed unacceptable, he said.

They instructed the parish to come up with a plan that provides for separate liturgies in separate rooms, Ferguson said.

“What was left in our laps was to develop a way to be together in those parts of the service where it would be acceptable to the diocese for us to be together and then to separate.” Ferguson said.

Ferguson said he is confident an acceptable arrangement can be worked out. “It could have been much worse,” he said. [Source]

I didn’t realize this situation still existed.  I had posted on it several years back and thought it would be cleared up after they received their new bishop.  Though I did have fun with the idea back then and created a possible bulletin for such a blended church.

St. Thomas More & King Henry VIII

Roman/Anglo-Catholic Church

At each others necks since the 1500s

Established 2001

Fr. Joseph Maria Maria

Fr. Luther Smyth Calvin

Letter from the PastorsWe would like to take this opportunity to thank our combined congregations for the progress we have made in the last couple of years.
It has now been two years since the response at the kiss of peace was “Die,
Heretic Die” and the ushers no longer have to wear a tie with their riot gear. As we approach this years celebration of
Reformation/Counter-Reformation day I would ask you to refrain from some
the actions that occurred last year. We did not look kindly at those who placed a copy Luther’s 95 theses under the windshield wipers of our fellow Roman Catholics cars or those who placed detached Anne Boleyn doll heads on the antennas of our co-worshipers Anglican’s cars. We would also encourage people not to refer to the Immaculate Conception hall as the Papist Patio or the Tynedale Room as the WASPs Nest. Additionally this years memorial of Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman is not to be referred to as traitors day. We would ask in the name of ecumenism that
whoever keeps leaving the copies of Apostolicae Curae in the Anglican Rectory to kindly stop. It is not charitable
to keep saying that the Anglicans have invalid holy orders.

In today’s sermon titled “That they may be Two” we will jointly preach from the Gospel of John on Jesus’ high priestly prayer.

Wednesday Night Bible StudyRegister now to start our through the Bible Classes.

Exploring the 73 books of the Bible –Immaculate Conception Hall.

Exploring the 66 books of the Bible –Tynedale Room

Everything you wanted to now about Sacraments, but were afraid
to ask.

These seven and two week series begin Tuesday at 7 pmThe Seven Sacraments —Immaculate Conception Hall.

The Two Sacraments of the Church –Tynedale Room

The Last Church CouncilCome join us on Thursdays at eight for information on the documents of
the last Church Council.

Vatican II Immaculate Conception Hall.

Second Council of Nicea –Tynedale Room

Preach the GospelSign up for our new door to door evangelization teams. We will canvas
the neighborhood proclaiming the truth of why they should become Roman
Catholic or Anglicans. Since we have such a wide range of theological products to offer we should have a successful evangelization rate.

We start by knocking on the door and asking them if they are born again
and/or baptized and proceed from there.

This Bulletin is made possible by the good folks at:
Catholic Answer and Chick PublicationsWith the presentation of this bulletin you can get 10 percent off on
Where we got the Bible: Our debt to the Catholic Church from Catholic Answers” or “20th Century Holocaust Hitler’s Death Camps: Holocaust or Inquisition?” from Chick Publications.

This week’s Mass IntentionsMonday. Oct, 6

That Anglicans may convert to the true faith.

Tuesday. Oct, 8

That Roman Catholics may convert to the true faith.

Wednesday. Oct, 9

For the intentions of the Holy Father

Thursday. Oct, 10

For the prayers of the Archbishop of Canterbury

Friday. Oct, 11

Anglicans pray that Roman Catholics might have a translation as beautiful
as the 1662 English Book of Common Prayer.

Saturday. Oct, 12

Catholics pray that we might have a translation as beautiful as the 1662
English Book of Common Prayer.

Sunday. Oct, 13

For the poor souls in Purgatory, that is if Purgatory exists.

The Truth about ContraceptionNow on Fridays at six.

Humana Vitae – Why Pope Paul VI was right.–Immaculate Conception Hall.

Why the Anglican Lambeth Conference of 1930 was right. –Tynedale Room

Confession ConfusionBecause of problems in the past of mistaken cross-confession we have painted the Roman Catholic Confessional red and the Anglican Confessional blue.

Make sure you choose the correct confessional since what might be
considered a sin in one might not be in the other.

Homosexuality and the ChurchTo help stop the confusion these classes will begin Saturday night.

A read through of the document “Considerations regarding proposals
to give legal recognition to unions between homosexual persons.” 7
pm @ Immaculate Conception Hall.

Why homosexuality is always sinful –7 pm @ Tynedale Room

Why homosexuality is never sinful –8 pm @ Tynedale Room

Why homosexuality in committed relationships is not sinful –9 pm @ Tynedale

Movie Nights 

In the joint parish hall we will be showing movies each
Friday night at nine.Oct 10. Man for All Seasons

Oct 17. Luther – The Movie

Oct 24. The Song of Bernadette

Oct 31. Reformation Day – A new film where Will Smith Fights off illegal
aliens who are predominantly Catholic.

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  1. “That They May Be Two” — HA HA HA. great post!

  2. Jeff, I’ve only read all up to ( and when I read comments like,

    (((We were raised Catholic and made the ultimate mistake of having our daughter baptized in the Catholic Church. It is a mistake I regret.)))

    Long story short, if “I” was to write what me, myself and i truly want to write, I know that you would most likely allow “IT” bu t then I would be in big trouble with all of our immediate family and “I’M” not just referring to our spiritual Christian Family.

    In other words “I” will simply ask St. Cecilia

    and the rest of God’s Angels to pray for me, me and me and just leave “IT” at that for NOW!

    What’s that ya say sinner vic? Don’t worry folks Victor will most likely get back to ya all if we have anything to say about “IT”! 🙁

    Go Figure! 🙂


  3. I find this both funny and incredibly sad. Also, and most important, you forgot the meeting where it will be decided whether or not we shall have pink or green cookies at the ladies tea, this year. 🙂

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