Nov 242012

Via Wesley J. Smith

Har de har: The BBC is creating a comedy series called Way to Go about friends who establish an assisted suicide business. “Way to go:” Get it?

I am reminded of the recent The Three Stooges movie homage to the original comic team that had the boys willingly attempt a mercy killing.  This is nothing less than the normalization of suicide.

Oh, and by the way, this idea was already proposed for real in Oregon ($5000 for the whole package, including music and flowers), but the psychiatrist would-be entrepreneur lost his medical license for other reasons before he could open the doors.  Meanwhile, in Switzerland, suicide clinics rake in the dough.

Culture of death, Wesley?  What culture of death?

Msgr Robert Hugh Benson a Catholic convert and son of the then-Archbishop of Canterbury wrote a quite excellent apocalyptic novel called “Lord of the World” where he envisioned in his future world “ministers of euthanasia.”

“He gave no more thought to his exposition of the Christian creed; it was a mere commonplace to him that Catholics believed that kind of thing; it was no more blasphemous to his mind so to describe it, than it would be to laugh at a Fijian idol with mother-of-pearl eyes, and a horse-hair wig; it was simply impossible to treat it seriously. He, too, had wondered once or twice in his life how human beings could believe such rubbish; but psychology had helped him, and he knew now well enough that suggestion will do almost anything. And it was this hateful thing that had so long restrained the euthanasia movement with all its splendid mercy.”

This idea of euthanasia being a splendid mercy is certainly on the upswing especially with the very idea of a “mercy killing” which displays the irony of Satan. But it is more despair than mercy that drives this and it is usually not the despair of the victim, but the despair of the mercy killer towards an actual understanding of the dignity of life. You certainly don’t look at the paintings of the late Dr. Kevorkian and find joy in them.

We can only expect more and more positive portrays of assisted suicide in the media. In the movie Soylent Green we say a portrayal of this and we learned to be more alarmed that “Soylent Green is people” than that the character Edward G. Robinson seeked assisted-suicide at a government clinic in despair at this fact. Whether murder in this form will take the path of the government clinic, faux-religious component, or a combination of the two remains to be seen.

“We should neither of us shrink from the task, awful though it be to contemplate. “Euthanasia” is an excellent and a comforting word! I am grateful to whoever invented it.” — Dr. Seward in Dracula by Bram Stoker

  4 Responses to “BBC Creates Assisted Suicide Sitcom”

  1. “Way to go:” Jeff, there goes my chance of using that title for my next blog. Honestly folks that was one name that “I” was thinking of maybe using bu t I may as well forget about “IT” NOW?


    Long story short Victor! We gods are the only `ONE` who matter and the rest of ya are bu t our sail, “I” mean cell vessels and The Three Stooges last nightmare movie that Wesley J. Smith talks about and Doc Kevorkian support of human is perfectly ok with the alien gods who own this world NOW! Do you want to open an obitiatry clinic too cause Dignitas founder Ludwig Minelli has amassed a personal fortune of £1.3m in the last decade, according to a report by Swiss newspaper Beobachter and we alien godly cells$ can do the same for ya if ya know what “I” mean?!

    FORGET “IT” CAUSE YA GUYS ARE NOT GODS AND AS FAR AS “I’M” concerned, all of U>S (usual sinning) humans are not as ugly as you so called lost souls who actually believe you’re gods and have teamed UP to try and take over our world butt because you believe ya know “IT” all makes ya all unglier than any of our loving animal pets that GOD (Good Old Dad) gave HIS Children and made loving humans in charge of all of them.

    Victor! Victor! Victor! If only you wouldn’t talk so much while your searching for your imaginary “LORD” cause between U>S, your 92% godly cells can tell ya, come to pass won’t come so “SHUT UP” and forget about “The Dark” side of “The Cold Hard Truth of Life! What are ya going to do Victor, go cry to Mama NOW?


  2. Am I the only one confused by Victor’s rambling statements?

    Suicide as a sitcom? How?

  3. @P.R.: no you are not.

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