Jul 012012

Weekly Benedict

This is the 24th volume of The Weekly Benedict ebook which is a compilation of the Holy Father’s writings, speeches, etc which I pull from Jimmy Akin’s The Weekly Benedict. This volume covers material released during the last week for 20 – 29 June , 2012.

The ebook contains a table of contents and the material is arranged in sections such as Angelus, Speeches, etc in date order. The full index is listed on Jimmy’s site.

The Weekly Benedict – Volume 24 – ePub (supports most readers)

The Weekly Benedict – Volume 24 – Kindle

There is an archive for all of The Weekly Benedict eBook volumes.  This page is available via the header of this blog or from here.

  3 Responses to “The Weekly Benedict eBook – Volume 24”

  1. And in other news:

    The leading advocacy group for victims of sexual abuse by clergy is urging Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput to defrock the priest convicted last week of shielding other clerics who preyed on children. But laicizing Monsignor William Lynn is not as simple as it sounds.

    Lynn oversaw clergy assignments in the Philadelphia archdiocese for a decade and is the first high-ranking church official ever found guilty of covering up for abuse, not committing it.


    Well I’m sure Jesus has forgiven him so we should just all forget about it and give the church some more money cuz lawyers ain’t cheap!

  2. Still plucking away, Salvage, still plucking away.

  3. Well I can’t help but think that if Catholics understood the depths of corruption that they contribute to they might give it some thought.

    The Vatican helped children get raped, this is not a theory, it’s not a rumour it’s a cold deadly fact, yet Catholic bloggers don’t seem to care.

    Why do I get the feeling that if the Democratic National Convention knew that some of their leaders were systematically raping children and Obama and Polosi covered it up we’d be hearing all about it from blogs like this?

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