Feb 222012

Wesley J. Smith on the Dutch “Please don’t kill me cards”

…. Here are some examples.  From the BBC:

As the habit of killing catches on, the voluntary element is lost. Patients in Holland are having to carry cards saying: “Please, doctor, DON’T kill me.”

From Psychology Today:

Back in the Netherlands, there are some old people who carry cards that say, “Please, Doctor, DON’T Kill Me!”

Dr. Herbert Hendin, an expert on Dutch euthanasia in Issues in Law and Medicine:

…a Protestant group also opposed to euthanasia, they distribute a “passport for life” that patients carry, indicating that in medical emergencies they do not want their lives terminated without their consent.

From U.S. News and World Report:

Some opponents, like members of the Dutch Patients’ Association, fear involuntary euthanasia. They carry anti-euthanasia “passports” to tell health care workers that they wish to live in case of emergency

From Euthanasia blog:

Do you know that the Dutch can have three passports? One is for proving nationality when they go on an overseas travel. The rest of the two are “euthanasia passport” and “life passport”. “Euthanasia passport” is for asking doctors to carry out euthanasia if they fall into coma. “Life passport” is for refusing euthanasia even if they fall into coma. That is to say, these two passports are mobile living will to indicate how they die. Both of them are postcard size and published by NGO (NVVE).

Yikes. I remember after the Terri Schiavo murder I considered carrying a card with a picture of Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors saying “Feed Me Seymour!”.

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