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pope-francis2-300x187This version of The Weekly Francis covers material released in the last week from 10 August to 1 September 2014.

The Weekly Francis is a compilation of the Holy Father’s writings, speeches, etc which I also post at Jimmy Akin’s The Weekly Francis. Jimmy Akin came up with this idea when he started “The Weekly Benedict” and I have taken over curation of it.


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  One Response to “The Weekly Francis – Volume 71 – 2 September 2014”

  1. Dear Jeff,

    We both know that The Good Lord does work in mysterious ways and long story short, I’ve been having a little trouble with certain sites lately and I’m trying not to be paranoid while thinking that some hackers out in the vast internet are not all my friends… one of our great Canadian Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Pierre E. Trudeau once indirectly said to me in so many words after I had written him a few letters that just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean that no one is out to get YA…

    Anyway! I just thought that I would send this comment again one more time cause I think that I’ve sent much more damaging comments in the past and you’ve accepted “IT” but then again it is September and around that time Children of God seem to make a new start cause in reality enough can often be enough… Right?…lol

    Wish “ME”, “ME” and “ME” luck folks. 🙂

    By the way Happy Sunday to you and all your readers.
    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++ ++++++++++++ +++++++++++++
    The following below is what I had sent

    After checking His Holiness Pope Francis last tweet,

    and then, I decided to read the rest that Pope Francis had written and maybe I might compress some of it in a comment and so I started this way…

    Every time we renew our profession of faith by reciting the “Creed”, we affirm that the Church is “one” and “holy”. But He, Jesus, does not leave us on our own, He does not abandon His Church and YA might understand if YAS just read Chapter 17 of the Gospel according to John (cf. vv. 11, 21-23)… but then again, whomsoever asks us to account for the hope that is in US (usual sinners) just tell them to read (cf. 1 Pt 3:15), (Jn 17:21) and (1 Cor 12:13) just to name a few…

    There is so much propaganda, “I” mean gossip in parishes and “IT” is not always good but thank GOD (Good Old Dad) that this is not the Church HE created! Let’s give credit where credit is due and in so doing, this propaganda gossip does not make it an official sign of God’s work. “IT” is butt of the devil’s work who is by definition the one who separates, destroys relationships and also insinuates prejudices… “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God” (Mt 5:9).

    We have caused division or misunderstanding within our communities, knowing well that communion is not achieved except through constant evolution, “I” mean conversion as they converse, “I” mean we gods evolve in other areas of the spiritual reality world of the alien angel species within this twenty first century witch, “I” mean which we gods have created for YA through Frank and Charlie of the sixties…

    Come on Victor! Who do YA think YAR fooling with this silliness and ….


    Go figure brothers and sisters in Christ these days?…lol

    God Bless Peace
    Sorry Fred, “I” mean Jeff butt Victor is a little under the weather right now in Ontario Canada and won’t comment on what’s he’s saved below but then again some of your readers might be able to use “IT” against, “I” mean, some of “IT” might just make a good sermon for this Sunday coming for certain Christian Ministers who might be interested to talk about “IT”?…lol

    The Pope has a family too

    The testimony of martyrs who are filled with missionary zeal

    Maintain the strength inherited from their ancestors

    This reality is the Love of God, which was made flesh in Jesus, the Witness of the Father

    The Spirit of the Risen Lord fills us with joy and hope

    Christ does not abolish what is good but He enhances it and He brings it to fulfillment

    This journey was illuminated by the feast of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven, (COMMA) CARING OLD MOTHER MARY ASCENDED… invoking Mary that we may never be defeated by sin…

    Let us pray together to The God of Peace through the intercession of the Virgin Mary and ask Good Old Dad to grant peace in our days and make us builders of justice and peace. All of this can be accomplished if we Catholics Christian simply continue to believe in Mary, Queen of Peace and ask Her to pray for us all.

    Dear brothers and sisters, God calls us to return to Him and to hearken to His Voice, and He promises to establish us on the land in even greater peace and prosperity than our ancestors knew.

    In the Gospel, Jesus tells us how powerful is our prayer when two or three of us join in asking for something (cf. Mt 18:19-20). How much more when an entire people raises its heartfelt plea to heaven!
    The command to return to God and wholeheartedly obey His Law (cf. Dt 30:2-3).

    Jesus asks us to believe that forgiveness is the door which leads to reconciliation and He makes “IT” possible and fruitful through the infinite power of His Cross and so as the Lord replies: “Not seven times, I tell you, but seventy times seven” (Mt 18:21-22). In obedience to His command, we ask our Heavenly Father GOD commonly known but not accepted by all as (Good Old Dad)…

    Anyway all of US (usual sinners) daily ask Him through His Only Begotten Word of “Jesus” to forgive us our sins, “as we forgive those who sin against us”.

    From that first core, a great community developed which from the very start and for about a century was subjected to violent persecution, with thousands of martyrs. Thus, the Church was founded on faith, on missionary commitment and on the martyrdom of the lay faithful…

    What Christ fights and conquers is the Evil One, who causes difficulties between individuals, between peoples and if we remain in His Love, we too, like the Martyrs, can live and witness to His Victory…

    Chapter 25 of the Gospel according to Matthew: “as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me” (v. 40).

    I have appointed as my Personal Envoy to Iraq Cardinal Fernando Filoni, who will leave Rome tomorrow and may all of the alien spiritual invisible reality godly angels be in his prayers …

    In Gaza as well, after a ceasefire, war has broken out again, claiming innocent victims, children and this does nothing but worsen the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians.

    Let us also pray for the victims of the “Ebola” virus and for the many who are fighting to stop it.
    Please accompany me with prayer, I need it! Thank you. And to all I wish a happy Sunday and a good lunch and please remember that “Nothing” is imposible for GOD and like a magical crystal rolling stone, “TIME” is on His Side whether we care to admitt “IT”… Arrivederci!

    Please keep praying for this Annoying Super Sinner. ASS

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