Mar 192008

Congratulations  to:

New Liturgical Movement
winner of Best Designed Catholic Blog
and  Best Group Blog

winner of Best Apologetic Blog, Best Overall Catholic Blog,
 Most Informative and Insightful Catholic Blog, Smartest
Catholic Blog, Best Blog by Clergy/Religious/Seminarian, Best
Individual Catholic Blog, Most Spiritual Blog, and Best Written
Catholic Blog.

American Papist
winner of Best Political/Social Commentary:.

Creative Minority Report winner of
Best New Catholic Blog.

And there is little ole me winner of Funniest Catholic Blog so don’t
tell me my negative campaign didn’t work out.

Congrats also to all the nominees this year and the blog awards site makes a
great page for checking out blogs you might not have been aware of.

Special thanks to Joshua LeBlanc of who make the awards possible in the first place and of course all of the people who
take the time to nominate and vote for their favorite blogs.

We got to do something about the timing of the blog awards though.
Having it smack down in the middle of Holy Week just doesn’t work out
for me.  I actually had to think humble thoughts and the size
of my head did not expand as much as in earlier years.

  10 Responses to “2008 Catholic Blog Awards”

  1. Jeff,
    Congratulations on your well deserved win!

    Thank you also for all the support you have shown us this past year. We are grateful.

    Following your lead, next year we plan to go negative early and often!

    By the way, do you happen to have any secret bank accounts that you would prefer that people don’t know about? No reason, just asking for future reference.

  2. Congrats Jeff!

  3. congrats are in order!

  4. Yay, yay, YAY, Jeff! Keep the laughs and commentary coming!

  5. Does this mean you get to design your own award again?

  6. Congrats! Another victory for goodness and niceness and a defeat for the forces of badness nastiness!

  7. Your levity and irony are always appreciated in my infinitesimal corner of the universe. As are your insightfulness and devotion to the Faith. As every kingdom needs a court jester to bring laughter and wisdom, you will continue to bring joy to our King.

    “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

    Congratulations, Jeff.

  8. DRAT!!! Foiled again! I would have gotten my first place prize if it weren’t for you mettling voters!!

    Oh, and…um…congrats…

    Fr. Philip (pouting, sore loser)

  9. Congratulations! And you are SO right about the timing. I wanted to write about them, but I’m not blogging this week. Also, it’s a very bad time for Catholic bloogers (or Catholic anything) to be patting ourselves on the back about how great we are. I mean, we are great and we should revel in it, but when Jesus is heading for the cross… I’m thinking, not so much.

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