There are a number of text expanding utilities available in OSX such as TextExpander that let you define keywords that are automatically expanded after you type them so that repetitive phrases can be rapidly entered.  While TextExpander has lots of options it costs $29.95.

I really don’t like to pay that much for a utility and so was happy to come across a utility that does text expansion and is free.  Kissphrase is a preference pane and as the name implies it really does “Keep it simple stupid.” No fancy features you just enter your keywords and their matching phrases and when you enter the keyword it automatically expands after you also enter a space, tab, return, etc.

One caveat is that it does not seem to work if the very first thing you enter at the beginning of a line or text box is a keyword.  But as long as you have any characters (including a space) preceding the keyword the phrase expands just fine.

This is great for those often used phrases and for snippets of text such as URLs or HTML tags.

Update: I found Kissphrase too buggy.  I later went ahead and bought TextExpander when it was on sale along with 1Password.  I have found TextExpander to work perfectly and to be quite the timesaver.  Once I setup the shortcuts to use I found that I used them often.  Especially great for working with html code and TextExpander includes a bunch of default shortcurts for html code.  The annoying thing is that when I go to work with a Windows machine I so miss having TextExpander available.

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