LED Flood Lights

This weekend while at Costco I noticed that they had LED flood lights.  In the front of my house I have use for two flood lights that come on at nighttime.  I had read though that LED lighting for the time being is fairly expensive.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that these LED flood lights were $16.  While that is 2 to 3 times more than a normal 100 watt flood lights I thought it would be much more convenient considering that having to change these bulbs required dragging out the ladder and they never seem to last much more than six months to a year.

The fact that they only use 5 watts a power might mean that they might actually pay for themselves over time in energy saving and they are rated for 30,000 hours.  So for the time they would be on that is close to almost seven years of use.  Though these hour ratings in real life might be much different.  CFL bulbs are often rated for five to six years of use, but in experience I find that in reality it is much less.  While some of them might actually survive that long, I seem to replace them much more often than I should have to.  Though LED’s being solid state should be their very nature last much longer than  previous bulbs.

So I bought two fo them to try out to see if they would give enough light to illuminate the front of the house at nighttime. I was quite happy with how well they did illuminate the yard with a much whiter light than other bulbs.  Quite amazing that they only use five watts of electricity for the amount of light they give.  Now I am a global warming skeptic, but am more than willing to use devices that use electricty because I am not a skeptic when it comes to the electric bill.  I have enough electronics drawing current that I am like an energy efficient device.  If I get three years out of these bulbs I will be happy, if six years or more ecstatic.

Now just waiting for affordable indoor LED lighting.