As a fan of the social networking site Plurk I have been waiting for an iPhone/iPod Touch App to navigate it.  You can use the mobile page for Plurk, but it is quite simplistic.  For those who don’t know, Plurk is like Twitter except the comments are threaded and everything is displayed on a timeline.  The comment threads are the best part of Plurk.  In Twitter there is no connection between Tweet and reply and you can’t have a conversation as easily as you can on Plurk.

Now if you don’t know what Twitter is well it is difficult to explain.  Kind of a micro-blog limited to 140 characters per posts (called Tweets) where people Tweet everyting from heading to the dentist to passing links to sites on the internet, etc.  A boring thing to explain, but quite addictive once you get immersed.

As for iPlurk app I must say I am a bit dissapointed.  It provides three tabls for All, Unread, and Private to select in a list the various Plurks.  The Plurks are then listed vertically along with the Avatar and informaton about responses including unread responses (nice touch).  Click on the right side of the entry to read the comments.  To reply click on an icon in the top right and then enter via the standard keyboard.

In operation this is much better than the mobile version of Plurk, but it is also quite miminmalistic on features.  For one I would much prefer also having a horizontal view in addition to the standard horizontal view.  I really prefer the horizontal especially for replies and being able to use the easier keyboard.  The font used to display the Plurks is not very large at all and for me somewhat difficult to read.

There are some settings you can set at the preference pane that allows highlighting to make beginning words look like they do in Plurk.  Rich Text I believe gives you the ability to see emoticons.  Poll interval specifies how often it looks for new Plurks/replies. I am not sure what Timeline paging which I think allows you to easily move down 4 Plurks at a time (I like this).

I do hope they maintain this app to add more features.  It would be nice to be able to graphically select emoticons like you can in Plurk.  It would be nice also to have a mechanism to select commenter names to reply to. Right now clicking on their name will bring you to their timeline.

One nice thing is that if you click on an entry you prevoiusly Plurked you can choose to edit it, delete it, or reply to it.

So final verdict is that I will be using this app since it is an improvment over over the mobile page for Plurk for the most part since it is easier to read through and reply to Plurks.  It costs $1.99 so it won’t set you back much, but like I said I hope it is maintained and updated with new features in the future.

Here is their web page which has screen shots of iPlurk.

iTunes App Store link.