Muliple Monitors Redux

There are so many things that I have learned to love about OSX and have had a very pleasurable experience doing so.  Though one thing drives me crazy.  While OSX has native support of Multiple Monitors and has some features that Windows doesn’t have in this regard – there are some abilities that are totally lacking.

One thing is that many dialog boxes don’t come up in the screen you are working on.  They normally come up in the monitor designated as your primary screen.  I have found that  I will click on something and wait for a dialog box, not realizing that it has come up in the other screen.  In Windows almost always dialog boxes will come up in the same screen as the application you are current using.  There is no way that I know of to change this behavior.  I did end up moving my menu bar and dock over to my main monitor to rectify part of this, but it is still annoying.

The other problem is that the menu bar when used with multiple monitors is a pain.  If you are using an application on a monitor without the menu bar, you have to mouse over to the other monitor to use it.  This is totally inconvenient, especially if you are doing a lot of menu bar interactions.   Luckily in this case their is a program called DejaMenu that allows you to have a popup  attached to a  keyboard shortcut appear. This popup contains all of the  menu items displayed as a contextual menu.  This program is useful even if you don’t have multiple monitors.

I would have thought that OSX having such a large community of artists and others that take advantage of multiple monitors would have come up with some simple fixes for these problems.  In my research I came across many others who were griping about the same thing.

It seems to me that it would be nice even if they simply allowed you to mirror your menu bar and dock for each monitor.  Even better would be docks you could customize for each monitor. That plus fixing where dialog boxes appear would make everything much better.

Multiple monitors is not something just for geeks either.  Where I work they have long gone to multiple monitors for pretty much every employee.  There have been some studies showing just how much more productive people are when using them and my own experience would agree.