Still waiting for Leopard

I am still waiting for my copy of Leopard that I had pre-ordered to arrive. It shipped on the day Leopard came out and was slated to be here by Oct 30. When it comes to Trick or Treat today – I got no treat.

What is really annoying is that they gave me a tracking number for USPS that is not a real tracking number. They shipped Standard-Residential so I assume this was a tracking free method in the first place. But Standard-Residential is not a USPS category, so I have no idea what that is suppose to mean other than just plain ground shipping. Apple’s help says this can be three to seven business days after they ship and I am starting to wonder if they used Pony Express.

Oh well. After reading scores of articles and listening to countless Mac podcasts on Leopard it really tests your patience to have something your pre-ordered take so long – though many who pre-ordered it received it on the same day it came out.