In the Mac world it seems everybody has Photoshop.  This program is the predominant graphic program on the Windows and Mac platform, but I have noticed that it is especially mentioned among Mac users, almost like it is part of the OS.

I just wonder exactly how many of them have legal copies since its $600 plus price tag  is pretty pricey and even an upgrade approaches $200 dollars.

I don’t have that kind of money to burn so I have been learning to use Gimp which is not as intuitive as other graphic programs I have used in the past, but it does have plenty of power and since it is open source it is free.  I have never used Photoshop, though where I work all of the artists do.  In the past I have used Macromedia’s Fireworks on the Windows’s platform and it is a fairly decent vector graphic tool that I used mainly because I have a licensed copy through my job.  Buying it for the Mac though is almost $300 dollars so I will learn to work with Gimp.  I will probably end up getting a program like Pixelmator that seems to have a lot of functions, is built for the Mac, and has a quiet reasonable price tag.