I have been curious to test out how well using virtual machines to allow me to use some Windows apps under OSX would work out. So I figured this would be a good excuse to upgrade from the default 1 GB of ram to the max allowed of 4 GB. I had heard that Apple’s prices for memory were pretty high, though I was surprised to find out how high. When I first started looking last month these were the prices and in fact still are.


Woo Nelly! If you buy a new machine and have them upgrade the memory this is what they are currently charging.


Obviously I started looking around at other dealers. When I first started looking prices were mostly around $300 dollars for two 2 GB sticks. Though through one Mac site I found a reference to a recommended dealer where the price was $158. When I ended up buying the memory it was down to $117. They have great response time considering that I ordered it late Friday and had it arrive on Monday. They also allow you to send in your previous memory to receive a rebate. This is pretty cool because otherwise the 1 GB stick that came with the iMac would have just gone to waste. I somehow doubt that it is worth the $150 dollars Apple would charge.

The Aluminum iMacs have a small memory access panel on their bottoms help in by one screw. There is a plastic tab that you unfold and use to eject the memory that was in the machine. This plastic tab was quite slick and I had a lot of difficulty using it to eject the memory. Mainly since even when fully extended the memory still hadn’t fully ejected. After some fuss though I finally go the default 1 GB stick out and the two new sticks installed quited quickly and soon had the machine fully booted up and ready to install VMWare Fusion. I will write about my Fusion experience later.