As a windows/Mac user it is pain to deal with how mainly Alt is used on the Mac instead of Ctrl for many common commands such as copy, paste, etc. I would have remapped the Mac, but by keyboard sharer program Synergy didn’t work with the remapped keys.

One thing I found though is that I much preferred the Alt key combinations over the Ctrl key combinations. You can much easier anchor your thumb on the Alt key and then press the other key and it is much less awkward. So I decided to remap the keys on the Windows side to match the OSX instead. A freeware program called AutoHotkey turned out to do the trick nicely. It took a little work to come up with a script that did what I wanted, but now my Windows keyboard layout matches the OSX with Alt-C for Copy, Alt-P for paste, etc. The program also allows you to specify which Alt key to use, so I programed just the left one so that the right Alt key combinations worked as they did before. I am going to do the same thing to my work machine since I like these key combinations much better.