Waiting for Leopard

One of the reasons I recently bought an iMac earlier this month was that I had read that Leopard would be released on Oct 26th and would be eligible for a free upgrade to it.  If you bought a Mac after Oct 1st of this year you could request a copy a Leopard and only pay the shipping fee.  So I did this from the online Apple store last week.

I find it annoying thought that Apple waited till today to ship it and thus I will have to wait till probably Wednesday to get it.  I can’t see a good reason why they had to actually wait for today for those who ordered by preorder to ship it.  Shipping it earlier this week  would have been much more sensible, though I would guess that  they wanted to make sure that no one received it before the official date.  Though considering the post office this seemed not very likely in most cases.  It would have been nice to have Leopard up and running for the weekend so that I would have had plenty of time to explore it more fully.

Oh well.