Bookmarks and RSS

Using more than one system y0u are soon run into problems keeping some things synced-up. No doubt you always want access to your internet bookmarks no matter what computer you are on. Now there are plenty of solutions to do this.

I run Firefox on both the PC and the Mac. This is my preferred browser mainly due to the add-ons. One of the excellent add-ons is a program called Fox Marks.  Once installed you can have it maintain your bookmarks on its server and it will maintain any changes made across multiple systems.  This works mainly in the background and so the only attention you need to really give it is to install in on Firefox on any system you use.

Years ago I use to use a stand alone aggregator to manage my RSS feeds. It was a pain though to import/export opml format files to keep them up to date on different systems.  Bloglines was the first to really come up with a worthwhile online aggregator and has certainly greatly improved over time.  I used Bloglines for awhile until I found that Google Reader met my needs better.  Either way they are both feature rich aggregators that you can use from any computer.